More like food poisoned in Edmonton.  Or just being food poisoned in Edmonton.  I have no idea.  It could have been the food from Calgary, Banff, or even Lake Louise, but what I thought was a heavy hangover turned out to be food poisoning.  I puked twice on the bus to Edmonton, and then proceeded to lay in the fetal position because everything felt like shit.  After I arrived and I had a lot of things planning to do, I ended up puking 3 more times until there is nothing but yellow water coming out. 
At last I managed to fall sleep and woke up feeling slightly better but decided to skip dinner because I don’t want to throw them all up.  I did receive a shit ton of fantasy alerts saying Ginger Dalton threw 3 TDs to Tyler Eifert, both of whom are my squad.  I missed the game, but getting those 50 points made me felt a lot better.
I slept at least 20 hours, and woke up actually feeling good, but hungry.  So, I took the train to the city center, or Churchill square, where the gallery and good coffee shops were supposed to be at.  I planned to see the city and go out the first day so I can go to elk island the second day, but the sickness foiled all that.  It was chance that there happened to be a chili cook off festival going on that day.  2 dollars for a big cup of chili, and I ate a bunch.  It really might not be a good idea to eat chili after being food poisoned, but what are the chance I just end up at a chili cook off.  The chili renutriented my body and then I got some coffee and watch people try to learn how to line dance with cowboy hats on. 
It was pretty cool, seemed like I’m in Texas or something.  Edmonton is a pretty huge city, a lot bigger than Calvary, and has many skyscrapers also.  The main street is Jasper street and the main bar/food street is 82 Ave or Whyte ave. 
I walked around Jasper street and saw the Alberta legislature building, but there isn’t much different than Calgary in my opinion.  They do have the biggest mall in north america, called west Edmonton mall.  It is in a totally different neighborhood just like 82 ave/street.  I took a bus there and it took like an hour.  It is a pretty huge mall with water parks and mini golf and skating rink and mini parks and shit.  However, it is just a mall, and I almost watch a movie, bit I didn’t want to be the only one person who is watching the Martian.  I haven’t seen a movie in months and I’m awfully behind. 
So, I’m hungry again, so I went back to Whyte and went to this Canjun place called DaDeo.  Food is pretty expensive, but they are pretty damn good.  I don’t usually make suggestions on food, but I do recommend their po’boy sandwich.  Their hot sauce is on point too.  I drank couple beers and I was pretty glad I’m back to full function, no throwing up or anything. 
That is pretty much the whole sick as fuck in Edmonton fiasco, and I’m now off to Drake town, aka raptor town as Toronto.  While I was sick, I did realize I haven’t play enough basketball while traveling and I need to rectify that. 
On a side note, people in Edmonton can’t drive for shit.  Someone almost drove into my bus when I got in, I mean, a huge bus.  There are many other occurrences of going over the line by a whole car on red and trying to back into the lane and just generally awful driving.
Also, people need to chill out a bit I think.  People start to line up to get out of the train before train gets in the station, people run up escalators, it just seemed everyone is in a rush when j. Fact they aren’t really.  I mean the door button won’t open no matter how many times you push it because the train is still moving.  Well, that’s just what I observed. 




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