Misadventure of Tulum

I hate it when shit like this happens.
I got off the bus at Tulum, the air was cool and the street seemed incredibly busy.  A quick glance offered more details.  Caucasians everywhere.  Everywhere I looked on the street, are tourists walking, and chitchat in English.  If Cancun was for the more well to do tourists, Tulum is heaven for backpackers.  The tourist to local ratio on the main street was staggering and I thought to myself I was going to have a difficult time finding a place to stay. 
If finding a place on Holbox was hard, this was a nightmare.  I walked around for more than an hour, asking up to 8 places until I felt like fuck it.  So I went to book an overnight bus to San Cristobal and skip Tulum.  I’m rather flexible with my schedules, if it wasn’t meant to be, it wasn’t meant to be.  I even asked some really shitty places if they have space and the answer was no. 
As of my shit luck, the bus to San Cristobal was full too, but I had a backup plan.  I bought a bus ride to Villahermosa, and then to Tuxtla, which is an hour away from San Cristobal. 
I still had some time before the bus depart, so I found a restaurant where they were showing the Vikings packers game.  I ordered a nacho and some beers and sat and watched.  The nacho came with guacamole which I scraped off because of my weird food allergy. 
Vikes won and the packers avoided Seattle in the first round but gonna get destroyed by the phenom Kirk Cousins anyways. 
I did forgot to mention the reason Tulum is so popular is because it’s on the agenda of two types of travelers, the Guatemala to Belize to Quintana Roo, Mexico, and the beaches of Mexico crew.  Tulum also has a nice beach, proximity to Chichen Itza, cenotes and two very well known Mayan sites, Coba and Tulum.  I do have an interest in going to Coba been cause its right on the beach and top of Coba offers great views of the beach and the jungle forest area.  However, I have been to the beach, and I have seen a good share of cenotes, and temples, I don’t have a reason to must stay in Tulum. 
Having to leave Tulum prematurely isn’t the misadventure, what happens next is.  During my 17 hours bus to Tuxtla, I realized I have came upon diarrhea.  The reasons could be many, since I drink tap water, eat street food everywhere and generally have a piss poor standard for food sanitation.  However I highly suspected two causations.  The shitty mix drink they gave you at Cancun, mixed with volka and some nasty juice prepared in the beach, or the fucking guacamole I failed to scrape off completely the night before.  Normally, I just throw up after digesting avocado, almost endlessly.  While I do feel like throwing up, I got diarrhea instead. Of course it could also come from my deet soaked finger touching my food and the mosquitoes carrying diseases, but I normally blame the avocado.
Bussing for so long was already miserable, being sick at the same time just pushed the misery to another level. 
Getting off at Villahermosa, I thought about getting a cheap hotel and just rest for the day, but there was a storm and shit just isn’t very good so I went with my plan.  Another 5 hours on a bus going through mountain and rainy roads.  Zig zag zig zag.  It was miserable, and I didn’t even get to enjoy the best bus scenery I have came upon so far because I was busy trying to make myself sleep.  I had ate since that nacho at this point, just sipping on water.  I had no energy, and just want to lay down forever. 
For what seemed like an eternity, I arrived at Tuxtla.  The weather was good and chilly.  Perfect for a sleep.  So I got a cheap hotel, so I can use the bathroom and sleep at will.  Whole day I didn’t eat, just sleep and sipping water. 
It was awful and it really put my mortality into perspective.  Another year is another year gone, I used to never get stomach problems, but now, I’m more vulnerable than before. 
Of course I don’t want to forget to mention the Tuxtla is tucked in the mountains and is the capital of Chiapas. The place is a giant Westfield mall. Shops and malls are everywhere, even a walmart. It is not touristy, I’m the only tourist here.
During my sickness siesta, I also got the chance to dial in on the hotel CNN and watch Obama do his gun speech. Even in the end of his presidential term, POTUS still gets me with how great of a public speaker and debater he is. I’m really not a proponent and opponent of gun control laws because I know that guns don’t kill people, people kill people. There are so much killing going on in the streets that the media don’t report that involves illegally obtained weapon that gun control really isn’t helping much. However, when Obama started to shed tears down one side of his face, holy fuck, you’ll be a monster if you don’t pass the laws congress. Seriously compare to the chicken fights that gets aired as presidential debates that should be on a late hour comedy central slot, Obama and Joe Biden are such superior public speakers.


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