After a great time in Palenque, I arrived at Merida.  If you scramble the letters, it comes out Mierda, shit.  Thats how I feel about this city.  Not because its rural charms isn’t enough, not because it wasn’t lively, it was because it was so humid and hot, you can’t really enjoy anything.  A town that I quickly realized was the Mexican Cartagena, where you have to take 100 showers a day and not being able to get out of the confines of the fan before 5PM.  One thing different is Cartagena had a couple beaches and Merida doesn’t.  Just like Cartagena, it is colonial, people go there for touristic reasons. There is something romantically about towns like that which I just don’t see. 
I didn’t last 30 minutes before I took a 40 min bus to Progreso, a beach town nearby.  The beach was great, not so clear or pristine, but it took away the humid and heat. 
On the way back I sat next to the most annoying fucking Mexican guy ever.
“De donde venis? Japonese?”
“Woah, bebi much cervesa woah”
“Hubiera japonese y beberon comigo”
“Woah quatro mil, woah pagaron mucha plata woah”

“Bebio con japonese y te pagaron tu cervesa?”

“Exactmente, todos me conocen!! Woah dicem, chapito mientras llego”
“Me acompany a una catina e bebemos woah”
“Tienes mucha plata, eres japonese!!”
“Conosco muchas mujeres, tienen culos grandes”
*rude gestures and more woahs

“No soy japonese, soy de California, hay mucha latinas, la conosco y no quiero beber contigo.”
“Quiero dormir”

“Conosco todos, todos van woahhh mientras me vieron”

There was music in the town square again, and the temperature dropped a bit.  However, mosquitoes were rampant in that town and I really got fucked by them.  The repellent worn off because of the sweat and the mosquitoes feasted on me.  I had to apply so many times I had heat rash on my leg the next day.  Sleeping was terrible too as mosquitoes went for my face so I had to sacrifice my arm so they’ll stop. 
I was really glad to be heading to Valladolid and out of Mierda. 


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