24 Hours to New York(ft. New Haven)

The title sounds like a movie thriller and I wished it could have played out like that.  However, life isn’t what you wish it to be most of the time, especially you don’t check the weather report.  The initial plan was to hangout with my friend Sundi in New Haven for a bit then head out to New York, check out stuff and then meet up with Devin who will be arriving at midnight.  We’ll go out for a bit, then drop him off in New Haven and then I’ll go back to Boston to get on my airplane.  I don’t trust flying into or out from JFK because there is always delay because turns out I learned New York doesn’t exactly have the best weather.  I also don’t have money to pay for drop off fees with rental cars.
It is a pretty crazy plan, but a little crazy to end a good trip is exactly what the doctor prescribed.  That morning I rented a car without knowing the Massachusetts road tolls are going to cost 25 dollars total for leaving and entering many cities in the states.  The airport rental center was pretty damn nice and getting a car was easy.  I started driving with great enthusiasm until Devin called and told me his plane was delayed due to weather problems.  I looked out the car window and it didn’t look so malevolent.  I told him I’ll see how it goes and I might still be able to give him a ride to New Haven even if he arrives at 2AM. 
The drive was uneventful and without traffic.  I arrived in Yale and hung out and got some food with Sundi.  The architecture in Yale is pretty phenomenal.  The gothic type building reminds me the work of Antoni Gaudí.  It showed more aesthetic curvatures than the old school buildings in Harvard.    New Haven is a small town but it is a pretty cool town, I wished I had more time to see more.


It turned out that Devin’s flight got delayed again so he changed his destination to Hartford instead.  I told him I’ll see how it goes with New York to see if I want to meet up with him in Hartford.  The road to New York turned out wasn’t so easy.  The shitty weather the airport has been predicting started to show up.  As day light stars to shed away, other problems began to show too.  There isn’t any reflectors on the dividers of the highway, the combination of rain, fog and darkness make the divider impossible to see.  As time drags on the day light totally diminished and rain became sort of like a storm. 
It was a shit show and I learned that people don’t put the damn headlight on automatic with rental cars.  Thanks to a nice couple who alerted me with hand signs I turned on the headlights.  It really didn’t help much because it didn’t really help me see the road, but at least other people won’t run me over since I cheaper out on insurance.  This is the time I really wish I didn’t but whatever. 
This went on for what seemed like hours, no lights, no reflectors, just me as tight as I can be trying not to hit something or somebody. 
I finally got in Manhattan and the rain goes hard at one minute and soft the other.  Had to pay for parking because it is raining and impossible to find a parking spot, oh the pleasure of driving in New York. 
Clearly central park was out of the question, so the first spot I went was Times Squares like pretty much everybody.  The rain started going hard and despite my rain jacket, my jeans got wet and my shoes got wet.  Times Square was still popping during the rain, tons of cars and tons of people goes up and down Broadway crossing many streets labeled in numbers.  One of the great convenience of New York is the square like street organization.  After times square I visited MSG and the Empire State Building.  The tip of the building is in the rain clouds, and I didn’t bother waste my money going up in the rain. 
Taking the subway I went to check out the 911 memorial and see if I can spot the statue of liberty from the battery park.  Getting out of the train near the bay I was hit by the wind.  It was impossible to walk as the wind slams on you.  I had make a quick exit from checking out the memorial.  I went back to the car and drove to Brooklyn thinking about a bar or maybe some food.  Parking was just as much as miserable and I got some food.  As I finished, rain intensified and it dawned on me that it is more torture than vacation that I’m just running everywhere in a fucking storm where I might not be able to drive to back to Boston if the rain gets any worse.  So I texted Devin told him I’ll be in Hartfod.  It turned out that his flight to Hartford got delayed too and he was stranded in Detroit until I don’t even know.  So I concluded that after a brief gas expedition in Hartford, I’ll be going back to Boston, maybe read a book in the fancy rental center Lobby or the airport until my early morning flight.  It was time to end this misery, and the driving back was miserable as well with the poor conditions, and not being able to see shit on the road. 
They see hindsight is 20/20 and god dammit my hindsight told me I should have just gone to New Haven, came back to Boston, and spend the next bunch of hours at a brewery or something.  There is a place called Treehouse Brewery and they have the top ranked beer on beer advocate, or I can just have got drunk at Sam Adams.  I don’t know, there are so many better options.  I wasn’t too pissed about New York because I have said all along the New York deserved a real trip where everything is done right, a how much can you fit in a half day kind of bullshit.  As sat there in the airport, shoes and pants soaking wet, I really wished I checked the weather. 
Another thing is I bought a 5 bucks umbrella at Times Square because my pants were just too wet.  I hate carrying umbrellas, but damn the umbrellas sellers made bank that day.  I put that umbrella outside of the airport on the curb hope if anyone who needs it will be able to pick it up. 
That’s basically the story of less than 24 hours to New York and back.  People see the pictures and they go cool, but there is so much shit I had to go through that day. 




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