After being asked a thousand questions and getting stuck in Boston traffic and arriving late, I arrived in Boston.  It was quite a miracle at this point that it was a really sunny day. 
Like many cities, Boston has a metro system, the Massachusetts bay transit authority, or the most broken transit authority.  The trains broke like three times on my first day.  All these MIT and harvard grads, they couldn’t make their own city’s trains better.  I mean, the trains they ride to school everyday.  You can see people in yellow jackets come in and out of trains and doing maintenance work or whatever. 
I spent the first day checking out harvard, MIT, and the freedom trail.  I’m a huge fan of the building style where the building is triangle shaped and the street form a bend to accommodate that.  It is not the most efficient way of city planning but it is visually stunning.  There are many statues of our founding fathers everywhere.  There are many historic buildings too.  The trail goes from the Boston commons to bunker hill monuments and quite a nice walk in the sun.  The chipmunks and squirrels in Boston are even fatter than the ones in Canada, that I didn’t expect. 
Second day, I walked around the harbour and went to Fenway park.  I wanted to see the show they put on with costumed actors at the Boston tea party ship, but I don’t have the money to throw away like that.  Seeing all these stuff kind of brings me back my American history class back in high school.  I also wanted to go to the museum of art, but it isn’t free like the one in Montreal. 
My friend Mary took me to a Celtics game, the Celtics lost haha.  It was a good game thou and many thanks to her for the tickets and beers. 
I wanted to go to Treehouse brewery because apparently they have the top ranked beer right now and I want to try it.  However it is not exactly in Boston just like Gillette stadium isn’t either, so I decided not to go.  Went to sleep quite early, because I got a pretty crazy schedule the next day. 


TD garden


Triangle architecture


Sam adams






War memorial


Bunker hill





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