To continue from the previous story, I arrived at the damn Amtrak station at the wee morning of 1AM.  Due to the fact it’s late and it wouldn’t be financially responsible of me to spend money paying for bed for a half night, I decided the just chill and read at the train station.  Well, unfortunately for me, the train station was going to close and one of the worker pointed me to a coffee shop that opens 24/7 nearby.  I sat in that place reading till 7 in the morning and watch all sorts of people go in and out.  Late night workers, homeless, weirdos, and I don’t know some other people just came in and out.  I was getting bit delirious from no sleep and felt I’m a hobo too, but that is technically true so I can’t argue with that.  Anyways, 7AM came pretty fast and I took a subway to Vancouver central as soon as the sun started peeking out. 
After I dropped off my stuff, I went walking around the city despite being a bit sleepy.  I started with the popular jogging trail around the false creek.  From there you pass by the science center, the Olympics village, and the BC stadium just to name a few.  The central of the city locates around St. George and Granville, but that walk covered about 4 other neighborhoods.  I saw two basketball courts and really wished I had a ball so I can shoot around.  That is one thing I haven’t been doing and really want to do, play some damn basketball. 
Ate some poutine for lunch, then I went out to Stanley park because the weather was half raining and half cloudy, I didn’t want to do much.  There was a lot of trees and the park is huge.  Really just wanted to see the totems, but I walked around, across and over the whole park anyways.  The water surrounding the park is extremely clear, to the point where I wanted to snorkel in there and maybe find salmons.  Anyways, there were a lot of tall trees, it was cool at first but now I have really gotten tired of seeing tall trees.  The best part of Stanley was the beaver creek I guess, and for no particular reason.
Went to a bar and watched some baseball, bartenders are really friendly compared to the states even thou the hikers and average people are just like the ones in the states.  I was super tired by then from being a hobo at the coffee shop and I slept early and even woke up at 10. 
I saw someone holding a brochure about Grouse Mountain and it is a huge ski resort in Vancouver in the winter, but a good mountain for hiking in other seasons.  It says if you want to be a tough vancouverian you have to walk up the grouse grind to the top of the mountain.  I took a bus there and went up.  Like other places, bunch of trees.  The top wasn’t special either that day because it was really foggy, so I decided to do it better and go up the next peak, Dam Mountain.  This hike was much more interesting, with some scrambling.  On my way down, I realized there were two bears in a fenced off area that I didn’t see when it was foggy.  The fog covered everything for a while and there was a visibility of just 2 meters.  The grouse mountain being a ski resort and all, has gondolas up and down the mountain and also ski lifts everywhere even thou the runs weren’t open.  Walked down the trail anyways because I couldn’t afford to take the gondola. 
Then, I went to check out this suspension bridge, but it costs 30 dollars to enter so I skipped that and went to the Cleveland Dam.  The area was under construction, but the view was great at the dam. 
On my way back, I bought more pairs of socks and lowkey wanted a Vince Carter jersey but I’m gonna wait till he retires.  Canadian stuff is pretty cheap, especially with the exchange rate.  Even thou with the new prime minister being elected, the Canadian dollars became stronger.  The cost of living is another issue totally on its own, its expensive to get a place to stay, so I have been sending out large amounts of couchsurfing requests now because or else I would be back home in 2 weeks. 
Watched the Seahawks pretty much manhandled the 49dumbasses, which is to no one’s surprise, at a bar.  A dude who apparently works at Heineken, came in the bar and bought everyone a heiny.  Couldn’t complain about that.  Played another card game with bunch of other people, but wanted to go out before I head out north.  I went out to a couple bars, but they weren’t popping, because it seemed that everyone is just waiting for Halloween or something.  So, instead, I went to the library, the Canada place, and bunch of other places I haven’t been to.  The skyline of Vancouver at night is great and I thought I made a good decision there. I also noticed all the gyms here have Steve Nash’s name on it. Steve Nash fitness center, Steve Nash this Steve Nash that. Funny but I dig it, love Steve Nash even thou he didn’t do much for the Lakers.  
I reserved a car so I can drive out through the sea to sky highway 99 and check out Squamish, Whistler, and Lillooet.  I wanted to drive all the way to Banff, but the drop off charges are insane, so I’m just going to wing it and come back to Vancouver to take a bus to Calgary for Banff. 








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