Back to the good old America and on my way to my west to east Canada trip.  I found out that I love Portland despite its many short comings.  I was told approximately 25 Californians move to Portland everyday and I can understand why.
First of all, goddamn, they have a public metro transportation system.  Words can’t describe how much I love subways and metro systems.  They are always on time, always clean, and always dependable.  Loved the metro in Medellin, loved the metro on Beijin, and pretty much loved that shit everywhere else. 
Second, goddamn the nature in Portland is comparable to Banos in Ecuador.  Waterfalls, mountains, lakes, you name it and you can find it here.  I went to the Multnomah, the Oneonta falls and the sceneries are straight out of a story book.  I also went to trillium lake which offers the best look at Mount Hook and that was simply amazing.  I wish I had enough time that I get to summit Mount Hood because that mountain is so damn beautiful and the hike would have been so interesting.  Maybe I’ll summit it after Canada when the snow falls in and then mountain becomes more interesting and beautiful. 
I came with Brandon and his friends, but I’m going to Canada instead of just Portland and Seattle and I have nothing but time.  When we arrived at the PDX airport, my first impression is this place is extremely clean.  We worried a bit about how to get to the airbnb place before we realized there is a metro system that would take us there.   30 minutes later and we arrived in the, I guess the kind of hippie district of the city.  The street is littered with bars and restaurants.  Actually our place is above a bar and then place is normally reserved for music acts that come to the bar but other wise offered as an airbnb place.  The building is really cool, but I do wish the area is less frequented by hispsters. 
Everyone in Portland either rides and bike, has a beard or has tattoos.  Cafe shops can be found in very street corner and there is a special block down town reserved just for street food. 
That night we got drinks at a couple neighboring bars and it was pretty cheap.  There is a definitely a good vibe here despite the over abundance of hipsterism.
Next day.  I forgot, we have six people, and as I have said before, when the party exceeds the magical number of two, lagging begins to happen.  Someone is always sleeping late and then you wait and people need to shower blah blah and you ended up starting your day at 2pm.   That’s exactly what happened, but we still got to rent some cars and made Multnomah and Oneonta falls happen.  Before that we went to Gravy, which is pretty dope breakfast plac. 
We never finished the whole track to Oneonta falls because it got to late to walk across the river to the origin of the fall and we didn’t get to do Wahkeena fall, which is a shame.  Multnomah fall was quite magnificent and I hiked to the top of the fall and waddle through the lake, which was freezing to get to the tip of the fall.  I later realized there is another way there you I wouldn’t have gotten so wet and the hard way is always more rewarding.   This place really do remind of Banos, the river, the waterfalls.  The top of the fall over looks the Columbia River and all the pine trees, maple trees and cliffs.  Oneonta fall is even more beautiful, it looks like a scene straight out of lord of the rings and you have to climb over a bunch of fallen logs to get to the start of the river trail.  Too bad we didn’t get to hike to the end. 
That night we went downtown and watched the Dodgers get eliminated by the Mets (so sad) and devonta Freeman having another monster outing.  Downtown was OK, kind of dead, I did hope we went to the pearl district, which is much better. 
Next morning, I woke up Brandon, at 8AM and we drove to Trillium Lake by ourselves because its impossible to get the group to go.  It was a fantastic idea because the lake overlooks Mount Hood and everything was simply magnificent.  We had great time, the air was as fresh as it can be and the scenaries was prime.  
After we got back to the house, things got a little hurried.  We had to return the rental car, Brandon needed to get his Starbucks souvenir cups etc and we took till 3 to get all the business handled.  Then we took the train cross the bridge to the Pearl District where the word Pearl is everywhere, even I. Spanish as Perla.  We got some food from the street food/parked food truck square.  To be honest, they are cheap, unlike LA food trucks, but they are also not that good.  Brandon and Roy got Korean, and I got some schwarmas.  The meat wasn’t even vertically cooked, but the taste was better than the Korean dry meat. 
Then we went to Deschutes brewery and Rogue brewery which are must do in Portland, the city known for the breweries.  The pumping beer and porters are divine, and I wish I could have went to more breweries. 
We also went to get doughnuts which I don’t eat because I don’t like sweets and I got a book about a dude traveling in Africa at a bookstore which I hope I get to do next year.  Altogether, it was a really productive day and Portland had treated me well. 
Next stop is Seattle.





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