FUnemployment continues in Ecuador

I figured if I’m not gonna even try to get a job anytime time soon and be a bum, might as well be a bum abroad.  That way I can save some money too and make this longer.  So now I’m here in Ecuador because I saw on Tuesday the flight here was dirt cheap and I was like why not, lowkey bummed I missed Ecuador 2 months ago anyways.
This is the first time that I will travel for a long time by myself, and the 2nd time of I count the 24 hour layover I had in Japan a million years ago.  Overall I’m a convincing bum and if I keep my eyes open wide, I can pass as an Ecuadorian since I’m pretty tanned. 
Anyways, I arrived at the Quito airport which they just built two years ago a good 16 miles away from Quito because the old airport is in the middle of a mountain belt and flights had difficulties landing.  The airport is quite lovely even though it’s a bit tiny, but everything is clean and orderly.  The most important part is there are plenty of outlets to charge the phone and free WiFi in the second building. 
Well, before I landed in Quito I had quite a dilemma:  I have a flight the next morning to the Galapagos, but I arrived in Quito at 1PM.  Should I stay and drink beers at the airport or should I go on a day trip to Quito.  That dilemma was quickly solved when I was 5 minutes in charging my phone in the airport.  Boredom washed over me and I went around asking where to find a bus to Quito.  A taxi would cost 24 dollars, but the bus costs 2 even thou it goes the long way.  The bus takes me to Rio Coca station where I took another bus down the Avenida 12 de Deciembre to LA Marin.  There are quite many bus lanes, the one I took was called Ecovia, there are also trolebus, the Q lanes and others.  I think La Marin is the old town of Quito.  A quite interesting place, it feels like a mix of Cuzco and Bogota but not quite both.  I took another bus to the most southern station to see if I can spot the fuming Cotopaxi from there, but the weather is quite gloomy with extra cloud everywhere so I couldn’t.  Then I took a bus back up to Parque el Ejido.  I forgot to mention that the city buses are 25 cents, and a lot of the bus entrance are poorly maintained that you probably don’t even have to pay if you don’t feel like supporting Ecuador’s economy. 
The park is huge and round shaped with a market filled in the round about.  Unlike the Peruvians and Colombians, the Ecuadorians don’t quite go after you while you walk through the market.  In the park people play chess, slackline, and a bunch people were playing volleyball with soccer balls using an extremely high net.  Actually it’s not quite volleyball but I do believe they follow beach rules, but since Ecuadorians are very short, they created a volleyball game with the net so high that no one can spike on it.  I mean if you can’t do it, might as make it so everyone else can’t either. 
The geographic location of Quito is quite like Medellin, cradled between two Andes range, you can see mountain from the right and the left.  However, Medellin is much more progressive and beautiful, especially as I ventured more north past the park.  There is supposed to the Mariscal neighborhood which is also called gringolandia for very obvious reasons.  Maybe I just didn’t quite pin point the exact location, bit all I saw was a bunch of ghetto and boring shit, so I turned back and walked toward the virgin statue. 
I got to the bottom of the hill of the virgin statue but didn’t want to take a taxi up because I’m coming back to Quito in a couple of weeks anyways there is no need to rush and it was getting quite late.  I think Quito is almost as elevated as Cuzco, but I didn’t feel any unease even thou I was walking up and down hills for hours.  But then again I didn’t feel shit either in Cuzco until I was hyperventilating on the Salkantay. 
Anyways, another dilemma came up:  I wanted to stay kind of late go to a bar or something to chill and check out if there is any good bars, but my phone was dying, and I had to take taxi back since the bus won’t be operating anymore.  I really didn’t want to spend that 24 yet especially when I can just spend 2.  So that’s why I’m back here in the airport, drinking coffee and beer simultaneously and writing this while I tinker with my fantasy lineup. 
Oh and talk about fantasy lineup, I don’t like traveling South of the northern American hemisphere during football season, or else I stay out here longer.  I’m pretty bummed I’m going to miss 3 football Sundays, but I’ll be back to catch the Chargers lay a whooping on the Steelers.  I really hope I don’t lose these 3 weeks in my leagues because I’m handicapped in my research. 
P.S. the book I brought with me to improve my Spanish is El Armor en Los Tiempos del Colera, by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Goddamn this book is difficult to read in Spanish, I got through 6 pages of pretty large sized letters in 4 hours….imagine spending 4 hours just flipping through the dictionary…






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