Zipaquirá/Chía/Last Day in Colombia

On our very last day in Colombia, we headed out to visit the salt cathedral in old town Zipaquira, which is about 2 hours away from Bogota by bus.  The salt cathedral is located in an abandoned salt mine.  It is quite a grandiose site with prayer sites every couple meters of the hallway leading to the main cathedral.  The town is quite beautiful too, but we didn’t get to see a lot of it because it was raining that day.  We walked around the salt mine and admired the depth of the salt mine and the many of the salt stone carvings.  There are also many shops and more emerald sellers.  We also watched a LED show in an underground gallery.

IMG_20150727_115703 IMG_20150727_124705 IMG_20150727_132150

After visiting the salt cathedral, we made way to our friend Lauren’s house in a nearby town Chía.  Chia is a very agricultural town and a very good neighborhood too.  There we ate some really good food prepared by Lauren’s housemaid and Devin learned to front flip on a trampoline.


That night we went barhopping in the La Candeleria area to spend all our pesos.  Our flight was at 7AM, but I didn’t sleep much because I suspect there was bedbug on my hostel bed.  There were an Argentinian and a Peruvian who have been living in that dorm forever and they were pretty dirty.  I found many bites on my back and ankle the night before even thou it was 10 deg Celsius at night in Bogota.

We successfully got on our flight, and we arrived in Houston for our switch flight.  In the airport, we bought sandwiches that cost 9 dollars each.  That is when it hit me that 18 dollars is 50000 pesos in Colombia, which can feed us for 5 nights.


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