I have really grown fond of writing, and I wish to get better at it.  I know my past posts might be filled with grammar and word errors because I have been writing on my phone, but I will go back and fix it.  However, here is the conclusion to our trip to Machu Picchu and Colombia.  It was a pretty dope trip, and it was tiring and rewarding at the same time.

First of all, while Colombia was fantastic, going through the Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu definitely takes the cake for the highlight of the trip.  I had a lot of fun and had to really challenge myself on the climbs.  As time passes by, I begin to forget how much the climbing had tired me through the 5 days of continuous trekking, but I still remember the heart pounding and head-aching sensations of my body struggling to get more oxygen.  Maybe it was just the ridiculous amount of coca leaves I chewed to get through it, but I find myself longing for that same sensation when I hiked in Colombia.  We also made many cool friends during the trek.  I believe you really get to know people when everyone works toward the same goal through time.  The more difficult the task, the better the bond.  I believe that held true in this case.  I will definitely visit them when my trips take me to their neighborhoods.

Second, I want to talk Medellin.  Place has really turned a corner.  Everything is very cheap, the metro is pleasure to ride, and the city is extremely beautiful.  People are extremely nice there too.  If I have enough money, I wouldn’t mind buying a piece of property there and watch as the value grow.  Medellin definitely wins the best city I have visited in this trip.


Now I want to talk about the MVP of this trip.  The MVP goes to my shoes.  The Puma Suede Classic.  This shoe is stylish and most importantly durable.  I trekked through Salkantay and various hikes in that pair of shoes.  I walked through mud, rivers, and rocks through that pair of shoes.  Went to Salsa bars and danced in that pair of shoes.  Played basketball and soccer in that pair of shoes. Did so much with that pair of shoes, and yet the shoes took on the abuse and shined.  Despite being a bit dirty, not a single lace of material has came off.


Spirit Airline.  Not really that much cheaper than others, and I have never been so uncomfortable in my life.

Favorite food.

While Devin’s favorite food is probably the Bandeja Paisa, a plate of ground pork, chicharon, sausage, rice, egg, avocado, beans and salad, my favorite food is the Lachona.  Lachona is a whole grilled pig filled with corn, rice, and other stuff.  A plate of Lachona is served with a piece of the pig skin.  I love that stuff.  We even bought some from a dude selling straight out of the back of his car.

Least favorite food.

Arepas.  The flour arepas at least, the corn ones are quite tasty.  Don’t know why the Colombians include those in everyone of their meals, and why they keep giving them to us, but they are terrible.  Probably the most bland tasting thing I have ever had.  A good amount of our arepas went toward the homeless, doing some good and not waste food.

Favorite Drink.

My favorite drink is the Canelazo, because I had it while I was freezing to death the first night in Bogota.  The drink happens to be a hot drink made with Aguardiente and sugar cane juice.  It was hot and pretty good, especially when the rum has low alcohol percentage, and Aguardiente tastes like licorice/anise.

Least Favorite Drink.

Anything that happens to have too much sugar in it, which is pretty much all the juices you try to buy there.  Really have to tell them to make without sugar.  Even some of the coffee is filled with sugar, that all you taste is the sweet.

What would I have done differently.

I would liked to explore more of Peru, such as the Santa Cruz trek, and Cordillera Blanca, but I was pretty out of shape coming out of finishing school, didn’t think it would be realistic.  Also, wished I had traveled through Ecuador and skipped Cartagena.  Cartagena was extremely touristy, and hot.  The vibe is quite lazy during the day because of the Caribbean temperature.  I feel there is more adventures in Ecuador.

Ok, this is my last post for a while, until my next adventure at least.


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