Bogotá continued

While Bogotá turned out to be better than I heard, some people in Bogotá are bigger scumbags than other cities in Colombia.  For example, we went to a game at Estadio El Campín to watch the Bogota Millionarios play in Liga Aguila.  Both teams have below MLS talent, but the fans go absolutely crazy just like in Medellin.  However, the person sold us the tickets gave us tickets in the away section.  It wasn’t expensive, but we got rolled and we were told by the police to leave 10 minutes early because the other fans might attack this section.  So we were robbed 10 mins of a game that ends in 00 and amounted to pretty boring. 
Then on the way back in the taxi, the taxi driver tried to charge us more.  The taxi meter shows you the price after the driver pushes a button and you have chart that shows the amount in the back seat.  The sheet says 7700, but the driver tried to charge us 10000.  I told him but he just keeps bullshitting, lucky for him, I only had a 10000 bill or else I just leave 8 and leave.  There was also a cheapskate trying to sell us a tiny shwarma for 7500.  Also after I walked the Monserrate this morning and the same store that sold me a bottle of water for 3000 yesterday try to sell me the same water for 3500.  Normally i don’t mind the money part, because in the end of the day some of these people are struggling to make ends meet, but I hate when people try to deceive me. I hate that shit.


Now back to the more exciting stuff.  We went to the tallest building in Bogota yesterday, called Torre Colpatria.  It is a bank building on a street of bank buildings.  It reminds me of the credit unions in the movie Fight Club.  I can imagine Tyler Durden just blow all that shit up except Colombians don’t really use credits, they carry cash around.  It wouldn’t have reset anything, but that’s what the tall bank buildings reminded me off.


The tower overlooking the bullfight arena that was closed.
The tower was talked but it doesn’t give you the same view as the Monserrate.  A church where the locals go on Sunday located in the highest part of Bogota.  Devin didn’t make the climb because he went on a date the night before and just didn’t want to do it, so I went alone.  I heard from many the trek up is more deserted and people would rob you there, so I went on Sunday when there is a stream of people going up.  The plus is that you don’t get robbed, the minus is that you have to wade through all the slow walkers.  Some of these people like to walk as a group and struggle to go up, I tried to go up as fast as possible at German speed because we got a lot of stuff to do.  The intro stated the walk up from bottom to top is 2000 meters, and the stairs are made of large rocks, thou not as difficult as Machu Picchu.  The walk took me 35-40 mins, pretty easy with no rest stop.  Could have got up faster if I didn’t get stuck behind slow groups of people, so I’m not sure it is actually 2km as advertised. 
Along the way where there are flats, there are many jewelry and food vendors.  One of the popular items is cheese dessert and cheese drinks.  I mean, what the fuck, why would anyone drink a shit ton of cheese when they are going up a mountain? 
Anyways, the Monserrate is a church and people go in there on Sunday for the service.  There were a lot of people going to church and a lot people like me admiring the view.  The view was pretty cool, the church was pretty cool.  Some kids interviewed for their school project and some others wanted to get a pic.  Not really sure why, probably because I’m the best looking person on that mountain. 




Tomorrow will be our very last day Colombia before a 7AM flight on Tuesday.  Not sure what to do tomorrow yet, but it will be fun.  Always to try to live the next day better than today.


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