Top Songs of South America

These are the songs I hear every night, in the taxi, in the bar, in the club, whenever.  To be honest, they aren’t bad, and some of them brings great memories.  As I moved from north to south, I hear these songs less often, but all four on the list will be played at least once when you go out at night.  So the count down begins.

#4 El Perdon — Nicky Jam ft Enrique Iglesias

Enrique has two songs in here.  The music lowkey sounds like the first one, and this song is always on the radio in the taxi.

#3.  Cancioncitas de Amor — Romeo Santos

Romeo Santos’ take on bachata.  It is actually a good song if not for the high alto voice he likes to sing in.  Other honorable mentions by Romeo onnthe same album are Eres Mia, and Inocent, which get played a lot too, but not as much as this one.

#2.  El Taxi– Osmani ft. Pitbull

Choo choo choo choo taxi.  A song about taxi and getting hard in the taxi.  Super catchy, reminds of me of my time getting Inca drunk on the Salkantay trek.  Pitbull finally featured in a song I can listen to.
#1.  Bailando–Enrique Iglesias

The number one, also super catchy song.  Heard this song at least a thousand times.  Pretty good song, wouldn’t mind hearing it another thousand.  Also reminds me of getting Inca drunk on the Salkantay trek and our guide Jorgito dancing to it on the bus.  Good times, will be bumping it in the states in my car.


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