Bogotá- first impression

I was told or suggested that Bogotá isn’t a very attractive city, that it is too big, that it is too polluted, that there isn’t enough to see.  Damn they were wrong and I was a dumbass for believing in it.  It is our second day in Bogota, the city is quite fun.  Bogotá shares a close resemblance to Los Angeles at night while during the day time the La Candeleria/Centro/Chapinero closely resemble São Paulo, specifically Paulista and Republic. 


Contrary to São Paulo, the streets in Bogota are filled with street vendors, which is cool.  There is also an area where you can buy all kinds of book very cheap. 
We went to the emerald market, which I thought is a flea market area that displays and sells emeralds.  It was not so, it is a building that has stores that sell emerald jewelries, but old people walking outside holding paper bags trying to sell and trade the stones they have or found.  It is quite like the new York stock exchange for emeralds.
We also went to another gold museum stating the history of the metalsmiths in South America.  The museum has quite a large collection. 
We also trailed to the bull fighting arena which wasn’t open and the highest skyscraper which opens for viewing during the weekend. 
We ate lunch at a getsumani, where they have a whole fried pig stuffed with two kinds of rice and corn.  It was quite a good find and delicious lunch.


After lunch we wondered around more and drank some beer at Bogota beer company.  Beer was quite good by Colombian standards and it started to rain really hard and we had to get back.  This place is really similar to São Paulo.


The night before our friend Lauren who we met in Medellin and lives in Bogota took us to a restaurant in the hills overlooking the city called Mirador La Paloma.  Upon entrance they gave us wine, then pop corn and then free bottle of aguardiente.  Quite a fancy place and then the menu came and we realized its out of our budget, but we already ate the popcorn and drank the wine, so fuck it we need to do a non budget dinner at least once anyways.  The food was the best we had in Colombia, and I also had this drink called canelazo, which is aguardiente in sugar cane juice, heated up.  It was quite cold in Bogota, and especially windy at night.  As people can recall, I Inca donated my jacket, so I was cold and the drink helped.  Anyways it was a great dinner and now I bought a sweatshirt because I might not make it through without…
Still got a couple more days before the journey has to end, it will be fun.


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