The other Cali, or the Cali in the other continent.  We spent our last night in Medellin partying till 5AM and just were able to make our flight at 6AM.  Upon landing in Cali, once again, the airport is far out of town and we had to take a long bus ride.  On the bus, through my very sleepy state, I saw many trees and farms and thought to myself there will be a lot of good food. 
We arrived at the bus terminal and Devin bought a piece of sausage for breakfast, the good food prediction was proved wrong very quickly.  Don’t eat the sausage. 
The city of Cali is a huge contrast versus Medellin.  There is no longer that metropolitan feel, the streets are large, but the buildings are less organized.  We arrived at our first hostel because all the couchsurfing requests were denied since that following Monday is a national holiday and the inhabitants of Cali are traveling to Medellin for the long weekend. 
We decided to stay the first two nights near Avenida Sexta, a popular street for bars and restaurants and clubs.  It didn’t look exciting during the day, but it turns on at night.  Lights, music, party buses, and hatchbacks loaded with speakers going down the street blasting music.  However, we wanted to go to salsa bars here, and we went out of the way.  We went to the district of Manga the second night, which is filled with salsa clubs and music doesn’t stop till 6AM. 
Cali is pretty life draining for me because we didn’t sleep a lot since there are a lot of night activities, but we didn’t want to just sleep during the day. 
One of my favorite place in Cali is the zoo.  It has an aquarium, kangaroos, poisonous frogs, and crazy amount of other animals.  Going to the zoo makes me sad sometimes because the animals are locked up, but the Cali zoo is rather impressive. 
After two nights living by Avenida Sexta where my bed seemed to be ravaged by mosquitoes every night.  I resorted to sleep fully clothed and still had bites on my back.  I have no idea how that happened in the short two hours I managed to sleep.  So we changed to a hostel in San Antonio district. 
The area is better.  The street is small and narrow, but the buildings are impressive.  There is a park nearby that old looks the city that resembles Dolores park in SF. 


There is also this pretty cool tree cradled by vines. 
We went to the Cristo Rey, which is the fake and ugly version of Cristo Redentor.  Didn’t really care much for the fake myself, but the place has a gorgeous view of the city. 


Now, some interesting things finally start to happen.  There wasn’t a taxi available to go down the mountain, but very fortunately for us, there was a family of 6, 3 adults and 3 kids who offered to take us to the soccer stadium.  These are the kind and helpful people that made me love South America.  We had fun talking with the 7 and 8 year olds in the van and had a great time going down the mountain. 
After getting to the stadium, I got two fried plantains and we noticed that there is some event going on at the stadium despite not having a soccer match that day. 
Turns out the world youth track and field championship was happening that day and it was the last day of events.  It was quite a pleasant surprise as we watched US won long jump and and ladies Sprint, and 4×4.  The pole vault event was quite exciting too.


We were supposed to go to San Cipriano today, but Devin was doing his I don’t want to ride a bus thing so we are not anymore.  That’s why I finally have time to write this.  Tomorrow, we will go to Salento, a lot more nature, coffee and less city. 
*update:  went to the water park in Cali because all other stuffs were closed on holiday.  I hate water parks, its full of people and dirty water.  Don’t go to the water park.


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