Pueblo Guatapé/La Piedra

Pueblo Guatape is a small town in the El Peñol reservoir area. Or in Spanish Embalse del Peñol, or sometimes it’s called Peñon. The town resembles a cleaner and more beautiful version of lake Havasu in Arizona. There are boat rides, tires, blobs and other water activities.
The Peñol area used to be owned by Pablo Escobar and his family. It served as their hideouts as well as communication center. His brother/accountant Roberto and his daughter Manuela has multiple houses along the vast lake area. Before his demise, the Peñol area is off to the public, but now its a great spot to day trip from Medellin.
The lakes now serve as a reservoir because during rain season the water would go extremely high as one very enthusiastic museum staff had told us during our boat ride. In essence, this area is another hydroelectric.
So, enough intro, we took the 2 hour bus off the Caribe metro station early in the morning. We paid the Guatape fair but decided to stop at La Piedra first, which is also called The Rock. It is a very fitting name since it is a natural forming hill/rock overlooking the Peñol area. Stair ways were built like a zipper to the top of the rock, a beautiful place. We rode some horses to the entrance of the stair because it was cheap. There are 730 total stairs to reach the overlook tower on top of the rock. It was pretty easy after you climbed Salkantay and Machu Picchu. Took about less than 10 minutes well you pass by panting and resting people. Kind of make me thing I can achieve German pace after all.
As every postcard attraction, there are beer and food vendors, we chilled on top of La Piedra and enjoyed the view with some beer.


After La Piedra, we went to Guatape in hopes of doing some wake boarding. The town was very beautiful and boats lined up the shores. However, there was no wake boarding service. We ended up doing a boat ride. Our driver was very cool and showed us all the Pablo Escobar spots. Also went to a tiny museum where a really enthusiastic staff told us stories about water rising over churches and family first going on top of La Piedra.
After the boat ride, we went and did the blob. I was wanted to flip off the blob. It was fan and Devin became a local favorite because of his weigh. He can launch people higher because he weigh the most on the dock.
After the blob, we went around town and ate food, it was a pretty good day.


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