I wasn’t going to write anything until my week here is up, but now I’m sitting here waiting for slow ass Devin to hike down Parque Arvi, I have a lot of time on my hand.  To be honest, he could be lost, I don’t know. 
I said I wasn’t going to hike anymore, but ended up doing some kind of walking up every week now.  Parque Arvi has a pretty good view, but the routes are kind of confusing, only did the most basic hike here.  The path has tree roots all over it, and couple types of dragonflies, butterflies and hybrids are everywhere. 
It is a beautiful park, the temperature is perfect with the right amount of breeze.  I have seen pictures of river crossing in here, but I did wore my jean here because its laundry day, so I’ll skip that.


I’ll start talking about Medellin.  We have only been here for a day and half and we love here.  It is a lot less touristy and the people are very nice.  We Couchsurf with Ivan, a pretty cool local.  His apartment is really nice and he shares it with two other people.  It is a nice change from all the hostels we have been staying.  We stay in the Conquistador neighborhood of Medellin, right by a mall called Unicentro, where we get food everyday.  The food here, especially their local well known, Bandeja Paisa, is really good.  Things here are cheaper too. 
Compare to the Cartagena, this place is so much more progressive.  It has the urban vibe, I wouldn’t mind living here. 
First stop we made in Medellin was the Pueblito Paisa, a small hill over looking the city where people go up to enjoy the view and take photos.  It was a pretty cool place with a huge Colombian flag flaying. 
After the Pueblito, we met up with our friends in El Poblado, the party district where more well to do people live.  There lies the famous Parque Lleras where young people just sit around hang out and drink.  Bars and clubs line up the streets, the scene is crazy. 


We had a pretty good night in Medellin, and the next morning we went on the famous gondolas to see Parque Arvi.  The gondolas should be a must have for all the cities.  It is like a relaxing roller coaster, thoroughly enjoyed my ride.  We also took the above ground metro in Medellin, the metro is purely electric powered.  There were a lot of people, but I’m a big fan of metro systems.  You are never late. 



That’s it for the first day and half, we still have a lot of places to cover, including pueblo guatape which I really want to go.


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