Santa Marta/Tanganga

We arrived at Santa Marta after 5 hours of bus ride.  We checked in at La brisa loca hostel, which is a pretty good place with AC in the room.  One of front desk girls is pretty crazy, but cool.  Seems like she just works too many hours.  We got there just in time to check out the US women’s team demolish Japan for the world cup title. 

We met some people from Missouri and one of them have been traveling the world for almost a year now and he has to add like pages into his passport just to fit in all the stamps.  I’m extremely jealous, but at the same time I don’t know if I have the conviction to travel that long and through so many regions. 
I try not to get into a routine of traveling to different places and do the same thing.  Shit will get boring really quick that way. 
Now let’s talk about Santa Marta:  Santa Marta is hot, just like Cartagena, but the silver lining is that it is also extremely windy.  The heat is less deadly while the wind is blowing hard.  Santa Marta gives out sort of the lazy vibe too, but not quite as much as Cartagena.  There is much more space in Santa Marta too, unlike Cartagena where the street is narrow and everything sort of packed together like sandwiches with human sweat as the mayonnaise.  We only went to the republic library in Santa Marta.  It was quite a surprisingly small library, but the second floor contains an amazon basin exhibit which was pretty cool.


15 minutes of a taxis ride across a hill lies Tanganga.  A tiny beach town, with a lot of tourists.  The town isn’t that beautiful and the other water is a bit cold and dark, not the image I have of the Caribbean.  The sand has more rocks than the beach of Santa Barbara.  We were going to stay a short 3 hours to justify the 10mils taxi charge and go back to Cartagena.  However, we met two people from San Francisco, two girls from french Canada, two locals and an Argentinian former US Marine there.  The marine was just doing whatever, enjoying life out here.  The friscos are traveling just like us.  The two Montreal girls are doctor and nutritionist volunteering at a save the stray dogs program in Tanganga.  They were all pretty cool and we spent like 7 hours drinking beers and mojitos, playing soccer and chilling.  We had a pretty good time. 


There we watched the sunrise and took a taxi back to Santa Marta at 10.  Had a hot dog because other restaurants were closed, and went to sleep ready for Tayrona. 


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