Witness of the Unfortunate

During our last night in Cartagena, we got two British guys whose name I don’t remember joining our dorm.  However, what I do remember is them running into the room and told us they got robbed trying to buy drugs. 
There often sits a small Colombian man selling cigarettes and gums, when you say no to his smoke and gum, he asks you if you want cocaine.  The British were intrigued and followed him down several alleys and arrived at the back of a Cafe.  Common sense tells us here that is something bad waiting to happen.  Perhaps they were just new to town, perhaps the proximity of drugs alluded them, they just kept followed the gum guy. 
There the British did their tasting or whatever and was looking to buy 1 gram, and that’s when the “cartel boss” showed up.  He told the British to choose between life or cocaine.  Instead of 1g, one was forced to withdraw 600 pounds to get 5g.  Then when one got back, the other was forced to do the same.  It was quite unfortunate. 
Well, that was the story I was told, and it is quite a good cautionary tell to not follow the cigarette guy into an alley, pretty much anywhere in the world. 


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