Salkantay Trek part 3

Day 3’s objective was simple, walk 5 hours, then a van takes you to a hot spring.  I mean, let’s walk.  However, day started with some bad news at breakfast.  Carlos has gotten very sick, I really hoped it wasn’t my rum.  He claimed it was the food and that his body was rejecting the gluten he accidentally ate. 
So the walk is quite easy and everyone is on pace.  At one of the rest stops, we played soccer with a beat up ball with no air.  We met people from other groups too, one particular person was a girl from California too who plays reserve for the new Jersey blue sky.  She was pretty good, won with every team she played on.  The Spaniards, Fabian, Aiden and Jorgito were very good at soccer too.  We were losing until I moved to be the goal keeper, which is my natural position. 
More walking commences after the game until we arrived at lunch spot. 
After lunch we were taken to the campsite by a van.  From there we were taken to the hot spring, and had a grand time just chilling and whisking away the tiredness.  


The hot spring was fun, but fun was just starting.  That night there was a bonfire, and a lot of cheap inka tequila was consumed.  There was dancing and there was celebrating.  It was fun.
Next morning everyone woke up feeling the consequences. 
The 4th day is for fun.  Everyone except Rahel, Fabian, and Frederick went to ziplining in the jungle.  It was fun,there were 5 ziplines and 1 suspension bridge across the jungle.  Probably due the fact that I constantly like to do some stupid and life threatening stuff, ziplining wasn’t too thrilling for me.  However I did get a good view of the jungle from trying superman, spiderman or whatever other positions they have to offer.
There was a moment where Devin’s cable popped up and almost hit me in the face and I burned my hand trying to keep it away on a parallel superman.
After the ziplining, we went back to walking.  We walked the perurail train track to get to Aguas Caliente.  Also called hydroelectric, the mountain area is used to generate water powered electricity.  The view was quite extraordinary, but the walk was very easy.  The train track is meter marked, very easy to tell “are we there yet?”

After couple hours of walking, we arrived at Aguas Caliente. Aguas Caliente is a small town beautifully tucked in the mountains of Machu Picchu. From far away it looks picturesque, but once you get close, it is corrupted by tourism. It is like the Disney world of Peru. People asking you to buy their low quality food at very turn. All the “I wouldn’t mind living here” sensation goes away after a few minutes in town, from the shop that claims to have the best pizza to telling you 10 soles each person but ends up charging extra and making people angry.
We were finally able to take showers and sleep on beds after checking in the hostel. People busily updated their Facebook and Instagram before we went out to dinner and watched Peru lose to Chile in Copa America.
That night I went to sleep early and without drinking alcohol, to get ready for the climb that is Machu Picchu.


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