Devin’s Bag

Devin became the owner of two very colorful Peruvian bags thanks to LAN airline in Peru.  The story started when we were waiting for our flight in Lima, and a flight attendant approached Devin asking him if he can check his bags due to the flight being full and our bags look large.  I don’t trust checked bags because there is always a 50% chance it gets lost, it gets mishandled, it gets stolen, and in this case gets fucked with.  Devin was reluctant despite its free of charge, and pointed out we were the only passengers being asked.  I didn’t see the point of arguing because I own nothing of value and just handed in my bags. 
Once we landed in Cuzco, Devin found out his small pocket zipper on his bag is broken, and during my attempt to fix it, we found out his other zippers were clipped off with various holes on his bag.  I’m not accusing folks here, but seems like someone took out some anger there. 
Well, the lesson here is carry on always.



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