So after a pretty miserable seven hours layover in Lima, we arrived in Cuzco where we will explore the city as well as the infamous Machu Picchu through the Salkantay trek.  For those of you who haven’t been to Cuzco, this place is filled with energy and life.  We arrived very early at the wee hours of 7AM because we would do anything to shorten the stay in the Lima airport.  At an altitude of 11k feet above sea level, Cuzco was quite chilly in the morning.  However, even at 7 AM, the people of Cuzco have already started their day at the mercado centro or centro market. 
I have always thought of Cuzco as a sort, kind of tourist trap where tourists just come to experience Machu Picchu, but was I wrong.  From 7AM to 10AM I saw a grand total of 3 gringos and that was including Devin.  However, the number of tourists did increase as time progresses into the afternoon and as we spent more time around Plaza de Armas. 
There was quite an interesting story before this where I assume the workers of the LAN destroyed Devin’s backpack because he didn’t want to check the bags he had when the flight attendant told him to check it because there were a lot of passengers on that flight.  Anyways, I will address this topic in another post tomorrow. 
So, we spent our morning in the mercado centro looking for food and another backpack.
There were many stands where people were selling very colorful and Peruvian style clothes and some the food there were very cheap and delicious. 
We ate and Devin bought some with Inca backpacks and then we found a hostel to stay. 
Normally we like to stay with folks we find on, but this time werent able to find any.  However, Cuzco is a rather a small town and we became locals in no time. 
We decided to check out the parade of fiesta del Sol aka int’l raymi festival after an hour of nap.  Of course for people who understand how difficult it is to sleep on a spirit airline flight, and the essence of naps, you just don’t take an one hour nap.
So, we slept for 4 hours and missed the parade.  However, Cuzco was still really festive and we found out that the tourists come out in the afternoon.
We read somewhere that to adjust to the altitude we probably shouldn’t drink alcohol during the first day, and obviously we didn’t listen and those “advices and tips” must be for old folks.
We visited bunch of squares and saw many really cool buildings. Cuzco is a giant street market. I don’t think it is because of the fiesta, but thousands of people are on the street selling stuff, and other people are buying them. The thing that I find most interesting is that these street market isn’t designed for just tourists, the locals participate in it too. There were so many that I wonder if the Cuzco economy solely depend on this.
After a lot of walking, petting alpaca and goats, and eating random food everywhere on the street, it was time to watch the Chile vs Uruguay match. Went a bar called paddy’s pub because I was half expecting to see two narcissistic bartenders, a closet homosexual who likes to flex, a crazy old man, and a janitor with a rat bat just arguing all day. Of course we didn’t, but the game was crazy enough, a Chilean player stuck a finger in edinson cavani’s behind and cavani got rejected because he reacted and more.
Met a few people from Brasil, France and Germany, and they were really cool. Then we followed some suggestion by two local kids who were trying to sell us hats at the middle of the night and went to this place called mitologia.
They were having salsa night, great, got some practice in for Colombia. After 11, the place turned into a club, shitty music all in english, but it was still fun.
We met some street food vendors at 3AM asking us if we want perro, which is dog, while I was petting a bunch of street dogs. It turned out to be hot dogs, perro caliente, he was just fucking with us.


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