Layover, especially the ones that stretch past 8 hours, is a huge annoyance for us.  Normally, we drink until we are drunk enough to sleep on the cold floor of the airport, and hoping we can wake up when our check in time comes.  However, this layover is different.  We had the luck of having a 12 hour layover during the day time at fort Lauderdale which is 45 minutes from Miami.   We found out fort Lauderdale is to Miami as San Diego is to los angles, a very laid back and beautiful place.  We started our layover journey at 6 AM in the morning and barely made to the airport right before boarding.  We started with an advice from the airport security.  To Lester’s diner, apparently owned by Devin, just kidding, not really.  They have pretty good food, but the best part was it opens 24/7 and we were really hungry.  We asked some nice ladies where we should go next and they suggested the bars by the fort Lauderdale beach or las olas.  We decided the beach was the route for us.  We chilled by the beach for a while watching the morning working out folks do their thing at 7 am in the morning until we found a bar open at 830am in the morning.   It is called Cafe del Mar.  We spent about 4 hours there just drinking and bullshitting with the amazing staff including our new friend Jazmin.  We learned that the people working in Fl are all from somewhere:  Puerto Rico, Ukraine, Hungary etc.  I expected to just get  drunk and have a good time, but we made a few new friends and swam in the very salty water of Florida.  Now I’m sitting in the plane going to Lima trying to finish this piece before they take my phone away, and I’m sorry this stuff is so ill written.  I promise something better next time.




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